st. ives beauty box

Photo by: Influenster via YouTube 

In the past month Ive been using St. Ives new products thanks to Influenster’s newest VoxBox. I was auto qualified by being an active member on Influenster and earning my St. Ives Beauty Badge! Thats right all I did was become a member and my beauty voxbox came through Influenster for free! 

I loved the results. My skin felt so soft and smooth. It was truly a radiant experience 🙂 


How I see the world

I just ordered my first box of Acuvue 1-Day Define Natural Shine Lenses! I am so excited to try them 🙂  

You can receive a free trial from your doctor through this link below.

1 box costs 40.00 bucks. They contains 30 lenses. Hmm~ I wonder what happens on the months that have 31 days. Kidding!! I ordered mine through 1-800-contacts! Their customer satisfaction is incredible. You can chat with a representative at any time through their new mobile app! I was definitely amazed with how communicative they are. I had some issues with getting my Rx prescription confirmed, as it turns out, the law in California is that if your eye doctor doesn’t respond (which they are required to within a day so its actually a bit funny they didn’t) to the fax order or call… These eye care establishments are given the okay to move forward with the order. My guess is it’s to ensure that people like myself are able to see 🙂 The orders were expedited (first order when you download the app) and arrived in 3 business working days. Out of all the eye care businesses I have ordered from, I was most satisfied and impressed with 1-800-contacts. I will definitely be purchasing through their warehouse again. 

So back to Acuvue new line of contact lenses. These lenses are not damaging to your eyes like those circle lenses that arent FDA approved. These lenses, Define Natural Shine are coated with Lacreon which has special UV blocking. So if you plan to go on Vacation in the tropics, these are a great choice. 

Acuvue makes the Vivid, Accent, and the Natural. From there the Natural line has three styles; Shine, Shimmer, and Sparkle. 

Hope these comparison charts help in making your decision. If not try them all! I plan to~! 

I will update this post with me wearing these so you can see firsthand what they look like 🙂 I am very happy to be a buyer of Acuvue Lenses! I am not sponsored to promote their company in any way. These are my actual opinions!! 

I love my eyes so why not decorate them as long as it doesnt bring them harm. Dont forget to follow my blog. 

My Daily Tap from Crowdtap 

If you love testing and trying out products before you purchase them, then Crowdtap is definitely the place for you. Its simple. All you have to do it qualify for missions by answering survey questions posted on their site or through the app! (Works great on my iPhone) As a member of Crowdtap you get to join a large community of people that all want the same thing you do… Brand name products for free! When you qualify for missions you join that brand discussion group and they send you full sized samples for you to try. My previous one was a big one, Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water and Clearly Brightening Moisturizer by Garnier. Crowdtap sent me enough samples to host a party with my girlfriends.These werent just samples, they were actual full sized bottles that my girlfriends were able to take home with them! Great, right? 🙂 

Anyways so back to this week’s mission sampling. I qualified for the Garnier Color Sensations Sampling. I answered on the survey that red was my color and interest and what do you know, Crowdtap sent me just that color 3.26 Deep Burgundy. Good enough for me! It only took 30 minutes to apply and 25 minutes to set. This new line of hair coloring by Garnier includes an applicator brush so it made the whole process that much easier. After the 25 minutes I took a quick shower to rinse off the dye until the water ran clear. The box comes with a deep conditioner that you’re supposed to leave on for 2 minutes that fortifies the hair with nutrients and voila! In a matter of 1 hour I went from a dark brunette to a violet tone deep burgundy. It looks great and I absolutely love the color. My only recommendation is the smell of hair dye does linger for a day or so. Make sure that you apply some essence conditioner or oil to your hair. I use Moroccan Oil and the smell was a little more bearable. I also added a towel over my pillow because I like to air dry my hair and the coloring from the dye tends to bleed through. No need to dry out the hair after some intense coloring. Towel dry works great for me because I have a short cut. Although, for longer hair types slightly drying it seems more ideal. The color came out almost identical to the color shown on the box. My mission …completed. 👌🏼👍🏼👏🏼🤗🤗🤗

Thats my daily tap from Crowdtap. I really love using Crowdtap because they reward you for trying well known brand name products for FREE! I’ve won over 50 dollars in Amazon Gift Cards from Crowdtap alone. Every survey question answered, mission completed, picture posted, and articles shared or tweeted accumulates into points. Those points later add up with an awesome payout. They even have these fun twitter parties which I will get into another time. All I can say is Crowdtap is awesome 🙂 


All in a days work… From home

Hello there bloggers!

I am the proud parent of Sophie and member of the Parent Tested Parent Approved widely known as PTPA. This is a growing community that allows you chance to grow and learn with other parents that concern your childs health, development, and even with a sense of style. From time to time they host these fabulous twitter parties that provides a wealth of information. The best part is PTPA rewards your  efforts and participation by handing out giftcards and prizes!!! Exclusively for members of this loving community. It is completely FREE to join! These prizes start from raffles to giveways to Amazon gift cards. The price ranges from 20.00 to 100.00 and even more. Think of all the amazing things you can buy for you child!!! Or maybe splurge for yourself~! I myself won today by joining in on the fun.

Join PTPA for your chance to win!

Through today’s twitter party I learned about a new and innovative procedure called MIIP, Minimally invasive image-guided procedure,  which is the use of thread like tube that is inserted into a pinhole sized incision to detect major life threatening and yet even some simpler conditions. By using this technique it can also treat a patients condition without any pain. It prevents patients from undergoing a life threatning and invasive procedure and the greatest benefit  of this is that your healing process has been reduced to almost nothing. They cover up your minimal procedure with a bandaid. You can follow them for important updates that can and will help save your life or of your loved ones. The following is their facebook link. Check it out and let me know what you think.

There is a wealth of information out there and it is waiting for you! Dont be shy and explore all the possibilities and options healthcare has to offer you!

The upcoming documentary that will change your view on modern medicine and how it can help you! It describes in detail how this new innovative procdure works and how harmless it is. It will talk in depth about the many uses of MIIP aka minimally invasive image-guided procedure. I was skeptical at first, but just think of all the time you will save. It will be provided at low cost too! Save the time needed to save your life!

If you love trying new products and would love to try them in exchange for your feedback and input into a great community click on the link below. #PTPA #WithoutAScapel #MIIP

Heres the link to signup for PTPA

Blogging from Norcal, sophiebyjinee! Thanks for blogging 🙂

Time flies🌧✈️

imageSo here I am with Sophie at the LAX airport and I have to say, delays and poor weather just never end up good. :((( When you’re flying with an infant you always get 2 baby items, this includes strollers, playpens, packnplays, and carseats. Im flying with Southwest im here waiting an extra two hours because they ended up putting me on the next flight out. I do love Southwest airlines due to the fare transparency as they call it that lets you cancel your flight 10 minutes prior to boarding and they let you keep the funds! Im not having the greatest time with these delays though. Also, a huuuge plus for me is of course the 2 free checked bags with the exception they cannot weigh over 50 lbs per. So, back to what I was saying, huge delays so if youre planning on travelling during this season alone or with a child come EARLY…. ER! I came 2 hours early and still missed my fight. It didnt matter that I checked in 24 hours earlier. When I head back home I will be posting many (emphasis on the many) products or shall i say gifts  ^^* I have recieved over christmas and new years. Also, my crowdtap Garnier Skin beauty kit came in the mail so I will be hosting that this week! You can signup for crowdtap and host these beauty parties as well! In exchange for tapping and reviews they also reward you with giftcards to amazon which I have personally won this past month. Thanks for blogging:)

Works in Progress

Soooo… Being a blogger is much harder than I had anticipated. Ive signed up for as many sites as possible associated with babies and beauty. Im trying to give back to the community all the while raising my beautiful one and only Sophie. Although, I am really worried about what to do once I start working again. Being a homemaker is full-time, all in sort of deal and having to give some of that up is going to be a difficult negotiation on my part. #generationgood is one of the sites I’ve recently signed up for which tailors to mothers for chemical and toxic free products to host or sample for babies and families. I started my first mission  today and looking frward to sharing my experience soon! 🙂

ᴛᴏᴅᴀʏ ɪs ᴀ ɢᴏᴏᴅ ᴅᴀʏ

new beginnings

Hi there,

I’m so excited as this is my very first post as a blogger. I’m fairly new to this so bear with me as I take the first blogging stepping stones. Back in August 2015 I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl, Sophie who is the inspiration for creating and starting this blog. It is my first and utmost priority to figure out what I’m supposed to be doing as a single mom and fast. So, for all fellow mothers and bloggers out there; here goes the launching of SOPHIEbyJinee.

I will be posting baby tips plus some fashion goodies I learn along the way and how they panned out for me. I will be incorporating a portion of my blog to posting reviews of the top must have baby products, the latest beauty trends, and trying out recipes for the everyday mom. I’ve been contacting all the best brand name and family based companies to work with me to provide some products for review. So far they have been willing to work with me. This will be ready by January 2016. Seems about right as a new mother, new blog, new year, looking ahead towards new beginnings.

As a mother it’s hard to find and trust someone who can give honest advice which I hope my blog will be able to offer all you gals out there. My blog will be based on the lifestyles of the fashionista single mom, but not limited to. Be sure to follow my blog which will be up and running starting January 2016.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year 😊