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Works in Progress

Soooo… Being a blogger is much harder than I had anticipated. Ive signed up for as many sites as possible associated with babies and beauty. Im trying to give back to the community all the while raising my beautiful one and only Sophie. Although, I am really worried about what to do once I start working again. Being a homemaker is full-time, all in sort of deal and having to give some of that up is going to be a difficult negotiation on my part. #generationgood is one of the sites I’ve recently signed up for which tailors to mothers for chemical and toxic free products to host or sample for babies and families. I started my first mission  today and looking frward to sharing my experience soon! 🙂

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new beginnings

Hi there,

I’m so excited as this is my very first post as a blogger. I’m fairly new to this so bear with me as I take the first blogging stepping stones. Back in August 2015 I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl, Sophie who is the inspiration for creating and starting this blog. It is my first and utmost priority to figure out what I’m supposed to be doing as a single mom and fast. So, for all fellow mothers and bloggers out there; here goes the launching of SOPHIEbyJinee.

I will be posting baby tips plus some fashion goodies I learn along the way and how they panned out for me. I will be incorporating a portion of my blog to posting reviews of the top must have baby products, the latest beauty trends, and trying out recipes for the everyday mom. I’ve been contacting all the best brand name and family based companies to work with me to provide some products for review. So far they have been willing to work with me. This will be ready by January 2016. Seems about right as a new mother, new blog, new year, looking ahead towards new beginnings.

As a mother it’s hard to find and trust someone who can give honest advice which I hope my blog will be able to offer all you gals out there. My blog will be based on the lifestyles of the fashionista single mom, but not limited to. Be sure to follow my blog which will be up and running starting January 2016.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year 😊