Time flies🌧✈️

imageSo here I am with Sophie at the LAX airport and I have to say, delays and poor weather just never end up good. :((( When you’re flying with an infant you always get 2 baby items, this includes strollers, playpens, packnplays, and carseats. Im flying with Southwest im here waiting an extra two hours because they ended up putting me on the next flight out. I do love Southwest airlines due to the fare transparency as they call it that lets you cancel your flight 10 minutes prior to boarding and they let you keep the funds! Im not having the greatest time with these delays though. Also, a huuuge plus for me is of course the 2 free checked bags with the exception they cannot weigh over 50 lbs per. So, back to what I was saying, huge delays so if youre planning on travelling during this season alone or with a child come EARLY…. ER! I came 2 hours early and still missed my fight. It didnt matter that I checked in 24 hours earlier. When I head back home I will be posting many (emphasis on the many) products or shall i say gifts  ^^* I have recieved over christmas and new years. Also, my crowdtap Garnier Skin beauty kit came in the mail so I will be hosting that this week! You can signup for crowdtap and host these beauty parties as well! In exchange for tapping and reviews they also reward you with giftcards to amazon which I have personally won this past month. Thanks for blogging:)


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