My Daily Tap from Crowdtap 

If you love testing and trying out products before you purchase them, then Crowdtap is definitely the place for you. Its simple. All you have to do it qualify for missions by answering survey questions posted on their site or through the app! (Works great on my iPhone) As a member of Crowdtap you get to join a large community of people that all want the same thing you do… Brand name products for free! When you qualify for missions you join that brand discussion group and they send you full sized samples for you to try. My previous one was a big one, Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water and Clearly Brightening Moisturizer by Garnier. Crowdtap sent me enough samples to host a party with my girlfriends.These werent just samples, they were actual full sized bottles that my girlfriends were able to take home with them! Great, right? 🙂 

Anyways so back to this week’s mission sampling. I qualified for the Garnier Color Sensations Sampling. I answered on the survey that red was my color and interest and what do you know, Crowdtap sent me just that color 3.26 Deep Burgundy. Good enough for me! It only took 30 minutes to apply and 25 minutes to set. This new line of hair coloring by Garnier includes an applicator brush so it made the whole process that much easier. After the 25 minutes I took a quick shower to rinse off the dye until the water ran clear. The box comes with a deep conditioner that you’re supposed to leave on for 2 minutes that fortifies the hair with nutrients and voila! In a matter of 1 hour I went from a dark brunette to a violet tone deep burgundy. It looks great and I absolutely love the color. My only recommendation is the smell of hair dye does linger for a day or so. Make sure that you apply some essence conditioner or oil to your hair. I use Moroccan Oil and the smell was a little more bearable. I also added a towel over my pillow because I like to air dry my hair and the coloring from the dye tends to bleed through. No need to dry out the hair after some intense coloring. Towel dry works great for me because I have a short cut. Although, for longer hair types slightly drying it seems more ideal. The color came out almost identical to the color shown on the box. My mission …completed. 👌🏼👍🏼👏🏼🤗🤗🤗

Thats my daily tap from Crowdtap. I really love using Crowdtap because they reward you for trying well known brand name products for FREE! I’ve won over 50 dollars in Amazon Gift Cards from Crowdtap alone. Every survey question answered, mission completed, picture posted, and articles shared or tweeted accumulates into points. Those points later add up with an awesome payout. They even have these fun twitter parties which I will get into another time. All I can say is Crowdtap is awesome 🙂 



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