How I see the world

I just ordered my first box of Acuvue 1-Day Define Natural Shine Lenses! I am so excited to try them 🙂  

You can receive a free trial from your doctor through this link below.

1 box costs 40.00 bucks. They contains 30 lenses. Hmm~ I wonder what happens on the months that have 31 days. Kidding!! I ordered mine through 1-800-contacts! Their customer satisfaction is incredible. You can chat with a representative at any time through their new mobile app! I was definitely amazed with how communicative they are. I had some issues with getting my Rx prescription confirmed, as it turns out, the law in California is that if your eye doctor doesn’t respond (which they are required to within a day so its actually a bit funny they didn’t) to the fax order or call… These eye care establishments are given the okay to move forward with the order. My guess is it’s to ensure that people like myself are able to see 🙂 The orders were expedited (first order when you download the app) and arrived in 3 business working days. Out of all the eye care businesses I have ordered from, I was most satisfied and impressed with 1-800-contacts. I will definitely be purchasing through their warehouse again. 

So back to Acuvue new line of contact lenses. These lenses are not damaging to your eyes like those circle lenses that arent FDA approved. These lenses, Define Natural Shine are coated with Lacreon which has special UV blocking. So if you plan to go on Vacation in the tropics, these are a great choice. 

Acuvue makes the Vivid, Accent, and the Natural. From there the Natural line has three styles; Shine, Shimmer, and Sparkle. 

Hope these comparison charts help in making your decision. If not try them all! I plan to~! 

I will update this post with me wearing these so you can see firsthand what they look like 🙂 I am very happy to be a buyer of Acuvue Lenses! I am not sponsored to promote their company in any way. These are my actual opinions!! 

I love my eyes so why not decorate them as long as it doesnt bring them harm. Dont forget to follow my blog. 


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